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HOLLYWOOD, FL - JULY 08: An Iguana is seen July 8, 2008 in Hollywood, Florida. Because of the rapid spread of the lizards in the South Florida area some county commissioners will ask the state Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission to add the green Iguana to the list of "reptiles of concern," that would require Iguana owners to pay a $100 annual permit and have microchips implanted in them. Some blame pet owners for the over population saying they buy the reptiles in pet stores and when they get to big they release them in the wild where they have thrived. Many of Reptiles have taken up residence in peoples back yards or along canal banks.

El reptil se quedó dentro del “toilet” durante días, dijo el dueño de la casa.

Un hombre de Hollywood, Florida encontró una sorpresa nada agradable en su baño. Supuestamente cuando se estaba lavando los dientes vio por el reflejo del espejo que una “colita verde” salía del inodoro y resulta que era una IGUANA. El hombre trató de sacarla pero el reptil se hundía dentro de la taza del inodoro. Intentaron sacarla por 3 días hasta que un profesional les ayudó y logró que la iguana saliera. [Fuente]

Iguana Found Thrashing Around Toilet In Hollywood Home

Here's something sure to make you feel a little uncomfortable. Imagine you go to sit down on in the most popular seat in the house and there's an iguana thra...