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DILI EAST TIMOR - APRIL 9: An Australian peacekeeper patrols in the capitol city with a special K9 after the polls closed April 9, 2007 in Dili, East Timor. Voters cast their ballots today, as eight contenders stand in the nation's first presidential election since the new country gained independence from Indonesia in 2002, in the hope of pulling the country out of its cycle of violence and political tension. More than half the country's one million population has registered to vote to replace the current President Xanana Gusmao. Security has been scaled up in the run up to the poll in an attempt to prevent a repeat of the attacks between supporters of rival parties which marred the campaign period.

Cerca de 200 personas junto con millones de dólares de equipo militar y hasta perros militares han sido abandonados en Afganistán tras la evacuación abrupta de los estados unidos del país. Grupos que luchan para los derechos de animales dicen que los perros que han abandonado en el país han sido condenados a morir y tortura en las manos del talibán.

US Troops Leave No Man Behind, But 'Man's Best Friend' Abandoned In Afghanistan | Republic TV

As the United States ended its military involvement in Afghanistan, there are emerging pictures that depict an inexcusable botch-up. Amid the hasty exit of A...