A travel blogger explains why you shouldn’t move to Tampa.

Travel bloggers are fun. They don’t really know much about an area but seem to be very opinionated anyway. Case in point, this blog that goes by 601 Travels. They have just over 22 thousand subscribers and apparently they must have visited Tampa in 2021. So they made a list of 10 reasons you should not move to Tampa, Florida. Judging by the overwhelming flow of people migrating to the area, I’m guessing not many people have seen this video. So I’m gonna share it. Not because I agree with everything they say, but because I’d love it if less people moved here. I’ve been here 32 years and absolutely love it here. But we are closed.

Last weekend I went to Publix and was aghast at how many retirees were buying full carts of groceries. Snowbird season is supposed to end at Easter but these people didn’t look like they were planning to move back up north for the summer. More people are staying year round, and more people are moving here.

So if you’re one of the many, many, many people looking to move to the Tampa Bay area, here’s a video of why you shouldn’t.

  • TOP 10 Reasons Why TAMPA, FLORIDA Is The WORST City In The US!

    If you can’t listen, here’s her top 10:

  • 10. Crowded

    Yea, you can get stuck in traffic, but at least you are not driving in the snow. If you know, you know.

  • 9. Hurricanes

    Name a place where you aren’t susceptible to mother nature’s fury.

  • 8. HOAs

    HOAs can be good and bad. But there are plenty of places you can live that don’t have a governing body who tell you to cut your grass.

  • 7. Sports

    The video blogger says all the sports teams “suck”. This video was posted in October of 2021. They must have missed the Lightning winning the Stanley Cup in September of 2020 and the Bucs winning a Super Bowl with Tom Brady in February of 2021 in their home Stadium (Raymond James Stadium) . Champa Bay Championship Boat Parades are a thing of legend now.

  • 6. Crime

    Compared to Miami? Really?

  • 5. Humid

    Would you rather be hot or cold for most of the year.

  • 4. Mean

    They mention shopping at the “Piggly Wiggly”. We have Publix and their tagline is “Where Shopping is a Pleasure.” Any city has mean people.

  • 3. Retirees

    We’re full of old people. Ok, I can’t really dispute that one.  But the seniors here don’t drive old Buicks down Dale Mabry, they drive BMWs.

  • 2. Pavement

    She claims there are a lot of rock yards. Yes, some do, but we have plenty of parks and beaches where you can hang out in nature.

  • 1. Expensive

    It’s expensive because people want to live here. Taxes and insurance can be high, but remember there is no state income tax.   

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