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Help Those Impacted By Recent Storms & Tornados In The South

When the powerful storms and tornados ripped across the southeast they left a path of devastation, destroying the homes and livelihoods of thousands of families.  Families just like us. When devastation like this hit a community, the Red Cross is there to help residents with finding help to take care critical everyday needs including replacing prescription medications, eyeglasses or critical medical equipment, like canes and wheelchairs. According to the Red Cross, "Almost 140 trained Red Cross disaster workers are on the ground now in Mississippi and more help is on the way. We are deploying almost 140 additional disaster workers and several trailers carrying relief supplies, including tarps, clean-up kits, first aid kits and more are also enroute to the area." The American Red Cross is there to help them rebuild, but they need our support.   To learn more and to make a secure online donation visit the American Red Cross linked here. [gallery ids="200729,200723,200726,200720,"]