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2024 Hurricane Season: Names & Predictions

The 2024 Hurricane Season is approaching and will apparently be "extremely active." According to a long-range forecast of the researchers at Colorado State University. We know they say that every year, but all it could take is 1 storm to cause serious damage. What does this research on the 2024 Hurricane Season say? CSU released its projections 58 days from the first day of the season. Changing climate patterns are expected to introduce a more favorable environment for tropical activity than in 2023.  Using models based on decades of climate trends, CSU researchers predict the Atlantic basin will see 23 named storms. Eleven of them could be hurricanes. Five of the hurricanes will be Category 3, 4 or 5, also known as major hurricanes. The researchers projected a “ well above average ” opportunity for major hurricanes to make landfall across the continental United States and in the Caribbean.  Additionally, CSU predicts that named storms will be present in the Atlantic for 115 days of the season. This includes 45 hurricane days and 15 main hurricane days. CSU states that the 2024 hurricane season is exhibiting similar characteristics as the 2020 season.  This was the most active Atlantic hurricane season on record, in terms of the number of systems. Always remember Denis Phillips' rule #7. Don't freak out. Researchers urge everyone not to read too much into the initial forecast, as it is likely to change as we approach hurricane season. Last spring, CSU initially projected a below-average season and then updated the forecast to an above-average season. El Niño Phenomenon and the 2024 Hurricane Season  The El Niño weather pattern is weakening, signaling a transition to a neutral pattern, and then La Niña. Despite an above-average hurricane season, most tropical systems remained offshore off the Atlantic coast last year.   The weakening of the jet stream means less wind shear, creating a more favorable environment for storms to form this year. Higher ocean temperatures will help them intensify. Ocean temperatures are currently about 2-3 degrees above average in the Atlantic and 1-2 degrees above average in the Gulf of Mexico.  Regardless of the long-range hurricane forecast, residents should prepare ahead of the 2024 hurricane season. Make an action plan with your family, gather essential supplies, and make sure your home is prepared for a potential storm. Not all storms will affect your area, but it only takes one to damage your home or put your family's safety at risk. So prepare and alert before the 2024 Hurricane Season begins in two months.  You can check out some of our helpful tips here. Don't forget that we will report on all major storms with our media partner ABC Action News. In addition to helping our listeners and families throughout Tampa Bay.  Here Are The Names For The 2024 Hurricane Season Alberto Beryl Chris Debby Ernesto Francine Gordon Helene Isaac Joyce Kirk Leslie Milton Nadine Oscar Patty Rafael Sara Tony Valerie William The six lists of names are used in rotation and are cycled every six years. The 2023 list will be used again in 2029.  [select-listicle listicle_id="405233" syndication_name="5-things-you-should-have-before-hurricane-season-starts" description="yes"]

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