All of the causes of ASD are not known. It has been discovered that there are likely many causes for the multiple types of ASD. There could be several factors that make a child more likely to have an ASD, which could include environmental, biologic and genetic factors.

According to the CDC, the below could be some causes and risk factors:

  • Most scientists agree that genes are one of the risk factors that can make a person more likely to develop ASD.

  • Children who have a sibling with ASD are at a higher risk of also having ASD.

  • Individuals with certain genetic or chromosomal conditions, such as fragile X syndrome or tuberous sclerosis, can have a greater chance of having ASD.

  • When taken during pregnancy, the prescription drugs valproic acid and thalidomide have been linked with a higher risk of ASD.

  • There is some evidence that the critical period for developing ASD occurs before, during, and immediately after birth.

  • Children born to older parents are at greater risk for having ASD.

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